Nonfiction Biography

Scott's first book of essays, Lunch at Mark Twain's Grave and Other Essays on Travel, Life, Music, and Poetry, will be published in 2021 by Mammoth Books of Dubois, PA. Individual essays by Scott have appeared in, The Laurel Review, Poetry International (online), Pennsylvania English, The Museum of Americana, The Westminster Review, Good Works Review, and elsewhere. Several of Scott's essays have been translated into Arabic by Dr. Saleh Razzouk of The University of Aleppo and published in Arabic language journals, newspapers, and ezines in the Middle East and Australia. Scott's essay, "Introducing Ingela Strandberg" was translated into Swedish by Dr. Goran Malmqvist of The Swedish Academy and appears as the afterword to Strandberg's book, Vid Oro Skog (In the Forest of Estrangement). Poet laureate Mark Strand referred to Scott's essay about his book Man and Camel as "one of the best things written about me." 

Online Essays

Use this link to read Scott's essay, "Music Therapy" from Pennsylvania English

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Follow this link to Scott's contribution—titled "Mortar Shells, Lunch, and Poetry"— to's series, Letters to America. This essay also appears in the book, Dear America from Trinity University Press (2020).

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Follow this link to Scott's essay, "Introducing Ingela Strandberg" in The Laurel Review.